Social responsibility:

Kazmortransflot participates in many of the region’s major charity campaigns, makes a feasible contribution to gardening, caring for holy places, and helping the weaker sections of the population.

To investors:

  • Privatization program
  • Financial indicators
  • Financial reports
  • Annual Reports
  • Prospective investment projects
  • More…

Operating activities

  • Transportation of goods
  • Marine operations support base
  • Services of service fleet
  • Other activities


  • Procurement (open tender, price proposals)
  • Purchases (purchases from one source, supply of goods and materials, purchases from organizations of disabled people and domestic producers)
  • Personnel issues
  • Safety management system
  • Commercial issues
  • Issues of corporate governance
  • Press-service

Presence map

Centralized “hot line”:
Free phone call 8 800 080 30 30
WhatsApp: 8 702 075 30 30
E-mail to nysana@cscc.k