Kazmortransflot continues to support local executive bodies and the residents of the Mangistau region in the common struggle against coronavirus infection and viral pneumonia. A few days ago the regional Akimat turned to the NMSC «Kazmortransflot» for gratuitous assistance in the transportation of charitable cargo for the residents of the region.

At the request of the Akimat of the Mangistau region the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Dagestan provided assistance in sending a charitable cargo. The donation list included medical masks, antiseptics, medical protective suits, and “Casper” overalls.

KMTF did not stand aside and provided assistance in the transportation free of charge of this cargo from Makhachkala to the port of Aktau for further transfer to representatives of the regional Akimat. The transfer was carried out on the tanker «TK Aktau».