The Kazmortransflot team congratulated veterans of the Great Patriotic War on the 75th Anniversary of Victory Day.

75 years since the Great Victory Day. Our gratitude is endless to all those who paid with their lives for peace, freedom and independence of the Motherland, who endured on the shoulders all the hardships of the war in the rear, showed courage and unexampled heroism. We give a low bow to the winners who honorably fulfilled their duty to the Fatherland.

The peace is a great thing. Our veterans did great things, their deed will always be in our memory, and we will do everything so that the younger generation knows and remembers our heroes.

In such a hard time as now, we are obliged to fulfill our holy duty – to visit our veterans, to thank, support and say that we adore their deed and will always remember this.

This year veterans were visited by the representatives of the KMTF Youth Council on behalf of the company. They were given congratulatory addresses, as well as grocery baskets, image gifts, targeted assistance and flowers.

The NMSC “Kazmortransflot” has been patronizing warrior sailors, veterans and workers of the rear of the Second World War, living in Almaty and Aktau since 2002.