On September 17, 2020, LLP NMSС Kazmortransflot took part in an oil spill exercise in the Aktau port on “Oil spill response”.
The tanker “TK Aktau” was involved in the exercise.
According to the scenario, during cargo operation there was an Oil spill. The plan provides for the overflow of crude oil from cargo tanks and pollution the area of the berth # 4 of the port.
The purpose of the exercise:
improving practical skills, working out the coordination of the units of the Aktau port and training of fleet crew and shore personnel on the usage of environmental protection equipment for the oil spill response in the port, as well as extinguishing a fire on board the tanker “TK Aktau”, evacuating and rescuing the crew members.

During the exercise there were:
– It worked out practical skills in working with oil booms and deployment;
– worked out the practical skills of the port fleet crews, for localization and liquidation of oil spills;
– verified coordination and time limits at all stages of operation;
– set a plan for work on the localization of the stages, and oil spill response, depending on the actual location of the conditions of drift “spots” of contamination, oil supply in the sea, the prevailing weather conditions;
– the coordination of actions of the participants in the exercise has been worked out;
– training works were carried out to clean up the water area using environmental protection equipment.
All units and members have shown well-coordinated work. The purpose of the exercise is achieved.