There are established training and education of marine specialists at specialized educational institutions of the Russian Federation in compliance with “Development program for Kazakhstan manpower for tankage and fleet of supporting marine oil operations 2007-2011” (here in after referred to as “Program”) approved by decision of the Board of Directors of NC “KazMunaiGas” JSC (hereinafter referred to as “KMG”) dated 29.11.2007 (Minutes # 152), and also according to “Development program for marine transport of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2006-2012”, approved by Government decree of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated September 26, 2006 # 916.

Starting from 2007 within the Program, KTMF has sent 117 Kazakhstan attendees to Federal state educational institution of higher professional education “Marine State Academy after admiral F.F. Ushakov” (hereinafter referred to as “Academy”) in Novorossiysk city and its branch in Astrakhan city and to Federal state educational institution of higher professional education “Marine State Academy after admiral S.O. Makarov” in Saint Petersburg for training under the following specialties:

  • marine navigation;
  • ship construction;
  • electrical officer;
  • marine and air-breathing plants operation.

Upon selection of candidates for training, there were signed employment agreements with the attendees

Under the condition of this program, besides payment of the training costs, the Society provides attendees with accommodation at Academy, meals and uniform.

As of today Kazakhstan attendees successfully undergo training and participate in sport and culture life of Academy. Also, it is worth mentioning, that training at Academy is performed under semi kaserne conditions, that means the attendees go for duty, participate in alignments and state flag lifting, do duty cleaning of training and accommodation areas.

This training program is developed for solving personnel deficit in tankage and fleet of supporting marine operations and realization of State program of development of Marine transport of the Republic of Kazakhstan

In accordance with the Program conditions in the near term ship operation of KMTF Marine trade fleet (oil tankers, cargo ships and auxiliary ships) will require additional 120 marlins. Due to this, training of a big number of marine specialists and admission of Kazakhstan attendees for training under the Program at Academy is required.

Increase of transport cargo traffic through the Caspian see, and intense subsoil development in the northern part of the Caspian allow for increase of the number of ships, and in accordance with article 25 of the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “About trade marine” officers must be citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In order to provide continuous work and successful realization of Marine Oil projects of the North Caspian, it is required to create conditions for Marine trade fleet development particularly and KMGsubsidiary – KTMF shipping company. The main and priority issue of development as of today is the provision of the fleet with marine manpower. Besides financial recourses, these measures require time, thus, training of marine specialists takes from 5 to 10 years.