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The NMSC "Kazmortransflot" LLP hosted a reporting meeting of the General Director A.E. Orzhanov with the company staff

On February 5, 2021, a reporting meeting of General Director A.E. Orzhanov with the staff was held at NMSC Kazmortransflot LLP (hereinafter – KMTF). Since the employees were working remotely, the meeting was held online. During the meeting, production and economic indicators, the progress of investment projects, the safe operation of ships, the absence of accidents and incidents with environmental pollution, personnel, and social policy, and measures taken to prevent the proliferation of COVID 19 were announced.

Oil transportation

The total volume of oil transported by KMTF amounted to 8,990 thousand tons of oil or 161% from the planned target of 5,580 thousand tons.

In the Caspian region, KMTF transported 629 thousand tons of oil by its fleet or 116% in relation to the planned indicator of 540 thousand tons.

The performance of production indicators for oil transportation in the Black and Mediterranean Seas at the end of 2020 amounted to 8,361 thousand tons or 166% in relation to the planned indicator (5,040 thousand tons).

Overall, despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, the 2020 production target were greatly exceeded by 166%.

Transportation of dry cargo and containers

In 2020, 49 thousand tons of dry cargo transported, including polypropylene, urea, barite, scrap metal, galvanized steel, etc.

Of the 12,434 containers transported in TEUs (over 160 thousand tons), 8,476 TEUs were transported along the Aktau-Baku route and 3,958 TEUs were transported along the

Baku-Aktau route.

KMTF revenues for the reporting period amounted to 157% from the planned target.

In 2020, extensive work carried out to implement investment projects: approval to initiate an investment project called “Acquisition / Construction and Operation of Two Aframax Oil Tankers” was received.

Within the framework of the project for the construction of a plant called “Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc.”, KMTF successfully transported 25 units of bulky cargo from the port of Constanta (Romania) to the Ural River (Atyrau).

MCVs “Barys” and “Berkut”, as well as tugboats “Talas” and “Emba” of KMTF in the Future Growth Project of “Tengizchevroil” LLP (hereinafter FGP TCO) completed their work successfully and on time.

KMTF began work on the modernization of MCV "Barys" for a container ship.

Within the framework of the International Association "Trans-Caspian International Transport Route", KMTF has been participated in the transportation of goods along the new railway Silk Road from Europe to Asia. The cargo was delivered to the port of Aktau across the Caspian Sea on the feeder vessel of Kazmortransflot "Beket Ata" (for reference: the total length of the route of the train loaded with containers with consumer goods is 8693 km - 2 continents, 2 seas, and 5 countries). The total transit time of the cargo is 12-13 days. The final destination of the cargo is the Chinese city of Shanghai).

Based on the results of the assessment of the company for compliance with the requirements of the OCIMF (Oil Companies International Marine Forum), the company was assigned the maximum rating "A".

In April 2020, KMTF transported 2 units of oversized cargo with a total weight of the order from the KCOI production base to the port of Prorva for “Bertling Kazakh Logistics” LLP within the FGP TCO.

For 2020, no accidents, oil spills, and environmental pollution were registered, the stability of the company has been preserved. The vessels timely passed scheduled and intermediate surveys for compliance with international requirements in the field of navigation.

Based on the results of an external audit, KMTF received a certificate confirming that the management system in the field of occupational safety and labor protection was verified and recognized as complying with the requirements of the international standard ISO 45001: 2018. The certificate was issued by the Certification Association "Russian Register".

Maximum conditions have been created for employees to work remotely. Maintenance work was carried out at the proper level, no failures and downtime in the operation of information systems and telecommunications facilities were allowed.

Thanks to timely measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, no deaths due to COVID-19 among KMTF employees and ship crews have been registered.

The main goal of KMTF during the 2020 pandemic and quarantine was to maintain the efficiency of work and personnel management of KMTF by ensuring and observing all social guarantees and interests of the company's employees.

To create favorable conditions for the employee, as well as to establish social and labor relations, the KMTF provided various types of material assistance, carried out annual medical insurance for employees and their families.

The KMTF team, members of the Company's Youth Council, took an active part in socially significant events in the region.

Given the difficult situation in the Mangistau region associated with coronavirus infection, medical institutions in the region are provided with 20 artificial lung ventilation devices (IVL). In July 2020, ventilators were delivered to the city of Aktau and transferred to the health department of the Akimat of the Mangystau region for further distribution to medical institutions.In the health care organization of the region, KMTF donated personal protective equipment, including overalls, glasses, and pulse oximeters.

On tanker “TK Aktau” from Makhachkala (Republic of Dagestan) to the port of Aktau transported a charitable cargo free of charge - medical masks, antiseptics, medical protective suits “Casper” for further transfer to the local administration representatives of Mangistau region.

Aidar Orzhanov, voiced production problems, ways to solve them, and priorities for 2021, and expressed appreciation to the KMTF employees and fleet crews.


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