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NMSK Kazmortransflot supported the "Road to School" charity event

The charity event was initiated by the Committee for the Protection of Children's Rights of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In the Year of Children it is held under the motto "Road to School - Way Without Borders".

The Youth Council of "Kazmortransflot" NMSC in order to promote social support among employees of KMTF organized an action "Road to School" for elementary school students of school №21 in Aktau. As part of this campaign, funds were raised among the employees of KMTF, with which stationery and school supplies were purchased for the schoolchildren. 

The company believes that good actions have a positive impact on children and help them feel the kindness and warmth, love and support of adults.

The Youth Council expresses its gratitude to the employees of KMTF for their active participation in social activities.

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