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NMSC Kazmortransflot employees were awarded following the results of 2020.

On results of year Kazmortransflot chose the best employee, crew, and department.

The best crew of the National Maritime Shipping Company is the crew of the "TK Aktau" tanker. Captains are Shurygin Alexey Valerievich and Temnikov Vladimir Ivanovich.

The best department of the National Maritime Shipping Company is the Kazmortransflot - Dispatcher Service department.

The best employee of the Kazmortransflot is Esniyazova Aisulu Smaylovna, Sr. specialist of the Documentation and Information Technologies department.

2020 has been declared the Year of Volunteering in Kazakhstan.

One of the organizations that are engaged in volunteering and charitable activities in the Mangystau region is the Public Fund "We are people - we are together".

Many Kazmortransflot staff took part in volunteer events organized by this Fund during the pandemic. This is an organization that provides hot food and drinks for physicians and people who infected with COVID-19, helping low-income families, single pensioners, people and persons without a fixed place of residence.

Director of the public fund "We are people - we are together" Iman Dosmukhambetov expressed gratitude for the charitable assistance provided by the Kazmortransflot team to General Director – Aidar Orzhanov and his adviser Dinara Zhumasheva.

Also, at the end of the year, the Fund has determined the winners in several nominations. One of them is our colleague, Chairman of the Youth Council of the Kazmortransflot - Nurzhan Zhumaev, who was recognized as the winner in the nomination "Volunteer of the Year 2020".

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