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Main indicators of the production operations of Kazmortransflot for the first half of 2021

Oil transportation

The total oil transportation volume of Kazmortransflot LLP (hereinafter - KMTF, National Marine Operator) for the first half of 2021 amounted to 5,095 thousand tonnes of oil or 180% of the target (2,830 thousand tonnes).

In the Aktau-Makhachkala direction in the Caspian region, the KMTF transported 328,000 tonnes of oil, or 121% of the target (270,000 tonnes), using its own fleet..

Across the high seas

Production targets for oil transportation on the open seas were 4,767 thousand tonnes, or 186% of the target (2,560 thousand tonnes).

Of this amount, within the Black Sea, 2,016 thousand tonnes or 107% of the target (1,880 thousand tonnes) were transported. Outside the Black Sea, 2,751 thousand tonnes or 405% of the target (680 thousand tonnes) were transported. 

Container transport

KMTF is the operator of the regular Aktau-Baku-Aktau feeder line, which was launched in April 2019 as part of the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route.

Since its launch, the feeder line has carried around 30,000 containers in twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU).

During January-June 2021, National Maritime Operator vessels carried 8,017 TEU containers, including 6,168 TEU in the Aktau-Baku direction and 1,849 TEU in the Baku-Aktau direction.

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