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KMTF’s delegation headed by Director-General A.E.Orzhanov participated in the meeting of the working group of TITR held in Kiev

On August 4 and 5, 2021 a new session of the working group on the development of TITR was held in Kiev, Ukraine.

LLP NMSK Kazmortransflot was represented by Director-General Aidar Orzhanov, Deputy Director-General of business development Berik Bissaliev and Director of the Department of commercial fleet operations Turlan Medina

The agenda of the meeting consisted of different items such as the approving of the marketing plan and the budget of TITR in 2021, approval of tariff rates of the route and estimated volumes of a cargo transportation on the Middle corridor in 2021, as well as the consideration of problematic issues, agreeing on the texts of the Agreements on the interaction of all TITR members and adopting the Middle Corridor development plan until 2025.

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