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General Director of KMTF A.E. Orzhanov visited «KAZGUU University»

As part of the introductory course "Organizational behavior" the General Director of "NMSK "Kazmortransflot" Aidar Orzhanov delivered a guest lecture to the students of KAZGUU M.S. Narikbayev University. The lecture covered topic "How to become a General Director", where the chairman of the Board shared his experience as the General director. Mr. Orzhanov noted the importance of understanding modern corporate management and that the main task of the leading position is to increase the operational efficiency of the company.

At the end, students thanked Aidar Orzhanov for the lecture.



Aidar Orzhanov is alumni of Suffolk University in Boston (USA) and Lloyds Maritime Academy in London (Great Britain). He started his career at Kazmortransflot NMSC in 2001 and became the General Director of the company in February of 2020 year.

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