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A. Orzhanov,the General Director of KMTF, congratulated the "Best Crew 2021"

Annually, the KMTF traditionally determines the best crew at the end of the year.

The crew of the container ship Barys was named the best crew of the National Maritime Shipping Company Kazmortransflot for 2021.

The General Director of KMTF Aidar Orzhanov congratulated the "Best Crew 2021" and expressed gratitude and appreciation to the Captains Andrey Valeryevich Lebedev and Ivan Viktorovich Nikitin and the seafarers for their well-coordinated work, honest and productive work.

"As a result of the responsibility, perseverance and discipline of the crew members, we are achieving great success, especially in these difficult times.

By becoming a sailor, you have bound your fate to the sea forever.

You are strong and brave. The work of a sailor requires courage and patience. We are proud of you! I admire you and your families which are patiently waiting for you and praying for you and your return home. I wish you firmly to hold the steering wheel, conquer all distances and spaces, let the family ship fly over the waves without any hindrance, sail only in the sea of Good luck! Fair wind, seven feet under the keel! - said Aidar Esenzhanovich.

The "Best Crew 2021" was presented with a Certificate of Merit and an image gift.


NMSC Kazmortansflot LLP at Vard Shipyard, Romania commissioned the MCV Barys. The vessel is one of three MCVs built for participation in the Tengizchevroil Future Expansion Project ("TCO FEP"). The vessel was first launched on 12 May 2017 in Braila, Romania.

In 2020, NMSK Kazmortransflot vessels successfully completed their missions in the TCO FEP in a timely manner. At the end of the contract period in this project, KMTF decided on the optimal use of the vessels in the coming years.

At the beginning of 2021, due to the existing established container line along the Aktau-Baku-Aktau route within the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route (hereinafter - TITR), also for the purpose of expedient use of MCV Barys, the vessel was converted into a container vessel.

On March 8, 2021, the container ship "Barys" departed from the port of Aktau for its maiden voyage on route Aktau-Baku-Aktau. During its operation on the Aktau-Baku-Aktau route the container ship Barys has made 36 round trips (72 consecutive trips) and carried 11,610 containers in the TEU.

The vessel is 113 meters long and 21 meters wide. The vessel has a capacity of 165 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) containers, depending on the weight of each container.

The Aktau-Baku-Aktau feeder line under the TITR was launched on 16 April 2019 and 38,143 TEU containers have been transported since the launch.


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