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A collective meeting was held at the NMSK Kazmortransflot

In the NMSC "Kazmortransflot" chaired by the Director General of Ormanov Marat Kushkenbayevich a meeting of the team was held. KMTF General Director Ormanov M.K. congratulated the team on the holiday Nauryz, summed up the results of last year, outlined the tasks for this year and thanked the team for their successful work.

Marat Ormanov also touched upon the changes that took place in the country. He noted that thanks to the initiative of the First President, large-scale programs were launched and implemented in the country, including the Nurly Zhol program, the One Belt - One Way Project, in which the NMSC Kazmortransflot also participates.​

“The staff of the National Maritime Shipping Company will continue to meet the expectations of the country's leadership and work for the benefit of all Kazakhstanis,” said Marat Ormanov.

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