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Muhamedzhanov Zhamart Sarsenbekovich

Muhamedzhanov Zhamart Sarsenbekovich

Information on education:

In 1994 he graduated from Arkalyk Cooperative Technical School under the specialty of “Accountant”, in 1999 he graduated from the Law Department of Karaganda State University, under the specialty of “Lawyer”.

Information on the places of work and the positions held:

He began his labor activity in 1996 in state bodies, law enforcement bodies and judicial system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He occupied the positions of Investigator, Specialist, Chief Specialist, Head of Department, Deputy Administrator of Courts.

From 2010 through 2012 he worked in OMS Construction LLP as the Deputy General Director.

In May 2012 was employed in NMSC Kazmortransflot LLP to the position of the Director of the Legal Department, Legal Support and Procurement Department, Legal Support and Contracts Department.

He has various certificates, awards and incentives

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